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Instructor, University of California Davis, Department of Sociology 

SOC 132: Sociology of Family (Summer 2023)

SOC 132: Sociology of Gender (Fall 2021, Winter 2023)

SOC 2: Self and Society (Summer 2020) 

SOC 153: Sociology of Childhood (Summer 2020) 

Teaching Assistant, University of California Davis, Department of Sociology                              

SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017)

SOC 3: Social Problems  (Fall 2017)

SOC 131: Sociology of the Family (Winter 2018)

SOC 145B: Gender and Rural Development (Spring 2018)

SOC 25: Popular Culture (Fall 2018) 

SOC 151: The Criminal Justice System (Winter 2019)

SOC 162: Culture, Society, and Health (Fall 2020) 

SOC 133: Sociology of Sexuality (Spring 2023)


Reader, University of California Davis, Department of Sociology

SOC46A: Introduction to Social Research (Summer 2017)

SOC 135: Social Relationships (Summer 2017, Summer 2018)

SOC 2: Self and Society (Summer 2017)

SOC 130: Race Relations (Summer 2018)


Guest Lecturer, University of California Davis, Department of Sociology

SOC 131: Sociology of the Family (Spring 2018)


SOC 132: Sociology of Gender (Fall 2021) 

Click here for the syllabus. 

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SOC 2: Self and Society (Summer 2020) 

Click here for the syllabus. 

Click here for the final paper guidelines. 

SOC 153: Sociology of Childhood (Summer 2020) 

Click here for the syllabus. 

Click here for the final paper guidelines. 


Sociology of Gender

"The instructor (Rowan Haus) was genuinely one of the best I have ever had. They are very personable, which made their delivery of the material seamless. They are very in touch with student life and culture, and are extremely inclusive, so the class space felt very safe. They knew the material like the back of their hand, and specifically curated full lessons around student questions each week to make sure the class was engaging and relevant to what we were interested in learning. They were clear, approachable, humble, and brilliant, and I will miss this class so much." Sociology of Gender, Fall 2021.

"The strongest feature of this course was how well organized all lessons and readings were. The course discussed topics on the gender binary and how it influences all individuals in our society and how some may or may not follow the norms of the expectations of the gender binary. Also, the course discussed how intersectionality influences different experiences for those within and out of the gender binary. The PowerPoints that were created for each chapter were really well organized and gave great insight to the topics. The instructor was passionate on the subject of gender and really put time and effort to make sure all students understood the concepts and topics in class." Sociology of Gender, Fall 2021. 

All teaching evaluations for this course can be found here

Self and Society

"I think this was a really well-organized course. I can tell a lot of effort was put into the assignments, videos, and discussions. I really enjoyed your openness and personability. Even online, it felt like we got to know you a bit. I appreciated how you were so open to adjusting questions, talking about the awkwardness of the paper and in general being real with us. You did this all while maintaining a sense of authority and without speaking down to us which I know is a difficult balance to strike." Self and Society, Summer 2020. 

"[Rowan] is a fantastic instructor! I enjoyed that you were so receptive to questions and it honestly felt that you actually cared about the student and their concerns. I think the quizzes and exams were extremely fair and straightforward. Overall it was a worthwhile course and I learned a ton!" Self and Society, Summer 2020

Sociology of Childhood

"I think you've done a great job and put together an enjoyable and educational class. It's been my favorite class in college, no contest." Sociology of Childhood, Summer 2020

"My favorite part of the course was probably the efficiency and clarity of canvas. The transition from in-person to virtual learning is not easy, and I don't blame instructors for not getting the hang of getting the entire class on canvas yet. It's a work in progress. But this class has exceeded my expectations by a mile. Everything was so easy to find and you made it all organized and easy for us students. Believe it or not, the organization of our class made me feel more confident about the work that I put in." Sociology of Childhood, Summer 2020

"My favorite part of the course was the vast amount of studies referenced by Professor [Haus] in [their] curriculum. Every concept traced back to direct historical events and/or papers, which granted the teaching an edge over those who deride social sciences for some perceived 'softness.'" Sociology of Childhood, Summer 2020. 

"My favorite part of the course was the readings, the videos, and the lectures. Normally, I find it difficult to force myself to complete the readings, but all of these were very interesting and enjoyable. The videos were also captivating and concepts in the lectures were explained so clearly that I felt it easier to understand. This class was enjoyable and interesting and you were very fair and helpful as an instructor." Sociology of Childhood, Summer 2020. 

Introduction to Sociology

"I think [Rowan] should be nominated for outstanding teaching award because this was the first discussion I've enrolled in that's been helpful every time. They go over important points from the lecture and use their own exercises to better understand the lessons, which are very effective! They're also passionate about what they teach which is a huge plus because there is nothing worse than going to an un-stimulating discussion that doesn't help my thoughts and ideas flow. I'd like to critically think and learn in an environment that encourages that, and [Rowan] provides that. They actually plan out their discussions and are flexible outside of the class to each student, which is what I personally wish every TA could do." Introduction to Sociology, Winter 2017. 

"[Rowan] thank you so much for all the work you put in! Your enthusiasm for not only the course, but for helping undergrad students, has definitely made an impact on me. You knew how to properly format the discussions and catered it to our needs. It is rare to find a TA that cares as much about their students as they do about their personal research. Also, you helped me change into a path involving more sociology... Thank you for listening to what we needed from you and working with us. I appreciated the course 20x more because of the TA I had." Introduction to Sociology, Winter 2017. 

"[Rowan] was very helpful and found creative ways to teach us the material that would help us understand with other material that was very familiar to us students. Also, they are very passionate about what they teach and are very helpful when you are confused on a concept." Introduction to Sociology, Spring 2017. 

"[Rowan] is wonderful and enthusiastic. They have a great understanding of the material and it is evident through their lectures in discussion. They are flexible and sensitive to the students' opinions and dilemmas. They are passionate about sociology and honestly the only reason why I actually might continue taking sociology courses is because of them." Introduction to Sociology, Spring 2017.


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