Making Visible the Invisible:
Doctoral Dissertation Research on Bisexual Parenthood 
Scholars know little about how bisexual parents think about and experience their sexual identities, particularly as they interact with their children. My dissertation research focuses on the unique experiences of bisexual parents as they navigate coming out to and discussing sexuality with their children. I use a mixed-method, two-step research approach to explore the complexities of bisexual parents' experiences. In the first stage of this research, I created a survey on Qualtrics and distributed it using paid Facebook advertising. This survey is one of the largest and most comprehensive existing surveys on bisexual and pansexual individuals, with more than 6500 completed responses. To learn some of my findings from this survey, please read my publication "Making Visible the Invisible: Bisexual Parents Ponder Coming Out to Their Children." My second and current phase of this project includes conducting lengthy semi-structured interviews with bisexual, gay, and lesbian parents from diverse backgrounds. 

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